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Trade By GFG is a new portal providing the unique opportunity for trade customers to buy speciality food products at trade prices from over 50 suppliers (increasing rapidly) with just one delivery and no Minimum Order Quantities. We are also able to provide Central Billing for a number of buying Groups.

You may visit and browse the Trade By GFG web shop before you register to see the current products available by selecting the VISITORS

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If you are not a trade customer (registered business with VAT registration) please visit our retails shops at www.GalleriaByGFG.uk




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Offering a wide range of quality
foods & ingredients suitable
for individual dietary free from
and lifestyle requirements.


Religionary & Life-Style

Offering a comprehensive range
of quality foods and ingredients
suitable for individuals
religionary and lifestyle requirements.


Gourmet Foods

The best & finest foods and
ingredients, that are not easily
found on the high street, from
around the world.



National Foods

Ex-pats, global gourmets,
international food lovers
and national restaurants can
source and enjoy
foods from the relevant
National Food shop.


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